Transforming Processes.
Transcending Boundaries.

A shift is happening in the test engineering world—and Pattesa is leading the way.

At Pattesa, we’re optimizing the process of innovation. Now brands can develop faster and more affordably with our self-learning, intelligent test platform Aquila, that provides deeper insights and predictive analytics based on AI & ML models combined with Human Intelligence. Aquila is empowering brands to innovate, optimize and deploy digital solutions for global markets.

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When breakthroughs happen, new opportunities arise. At Pattesa, we’re transforming the technology world so local and global brands can scale their digital experiences to new heights of efficiency, innovation and entertainment.

The future of processes. Fueled by intelligence.

We are one company, harnessing brilliant minds and breakthrough machine thinking. Together, we deliver the real-world, actionable insights that brands need to innovate engaging solutions that are culturally appropriate, and geographically and technologically sound.

Get analytical insights into the future of innovation.

Pattesa leverages the power of AI/ML and predictive analytics to give brands a revolutionary look into the most viable and profitable paths for product development.

Predictive Analytics

Global Community

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Introducing Aquila

The software testing analytics platform does more than push boundaries, it eliminates them.

With millions of devices in the world, testing software that works seamlessly has been a monumental task – until now.

Pattesa has reengineered the way testing is performed with Aquila, our revolutionary SaaS – based distributed test platform. The Aquila platform gives you access to cutting – edge AI/ML models with predictive, real-time analytics and actionable insights – all within an innovative continuous testing platform.

The result? Our unique data analytics approach to testing helps companies significantly decrease their time to market, reduce costs, and effort.

Aquila offers an unsurpassed range of testing capabilities:

We bring to customers the power of on-demand engagement of global professionals through our platform. 

“Now you can test products Anywhere, Anytime, On Any Device.”

Key Features

Key Features of the Aquila Test Analytics Platform

Test Redundancy / Optimization Engine

  • Neural Processing Engine
  • AI/ML Driven Test Analytics Suite
  • Test Redundancy / Optimization Engine

Intelligent Modular Workflow

  • In-app End-to-End Workflow
  • In-app Task and Desktop Notifications
  • Automated Worflow and Task Monitoring

Global On-Demand Coverage

  • Device / Place Agnostic
  • Plug in Own Teams –or–
  • Harness the Power of Aquila’s Professional Tester Community

” How can Aquila help me optimize my software development?”

Aquila provides faster turn-around times and higher
acceptance rates. You can also enjoy
on-demand self-service, stay informed on any device,
and take control of tasks via app or desktop.
Faster Time-To-Market GET A DEMO
Aquila provides advanced predictive analytics
to provide brands better decision
making capabilities.
Gain Actionable Insights GET A DEMO
The freedom to work when and where you want allows you to
maximize productivity. You can take advantage of
real-world issues capture, plus manage on-demand efforts
as well as handle demand spikes and troughs.
Get control from anywhere and on any device GET A DEMO

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